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 Here’s the inspiring story of one of our customer, Madam Janet. (read carefully)


People used to call me big Janet.


I came from a family where big belle was a general issue… which usually starts being so evident from the age of 26, including the men.


Mom apart, the rest of us had it big once we clock 26


I could not buy a dress and have a good look.


It always had a way of making things look awkward, and I would wrestle to conceal the aftermath shyness.


Making my dress look awkward was really bad but what came worse was when…


People began to believe that I had fibroid…


There were those who felt close enough to advise me on the kind of medicine to use in curing this imaginary fibroid.


Sickening, isn’t it?


Let me take a step back into the sweet rosy days.


Then, in secondary school, I was one of the prettiest but of more interest was my athletic endowment.


I ran, jumped and played football.


In fact, I participated in virtually all the competitions girls were allowed into.


My body was flexible, yet firm with a fitting flat tummy.


Back then, I had Peter – my heart throb.


He was then a professional footballer, playing for Rangers International, Enugu.


He was to travel to Europe to continue his football career when I got pregnant for him.


Before proceeding to Europe, he went to see my parents for the introduction.


But soon after he left, things began to change.


First, I gave birth to my baby for whom he is responsible.


After the arrival of my baby, my tummy was still unfairly big.


Mom told me not to worry, that it would normalize with time. Truly, there was a bit of subsidence sometime down the line but that was not sustainable.


I just felt it was not good for me, keeping such a big tummy, so I did all kinds of exercise with the hope of reversing my tummy to its former state.


Sadly, the more I tried to shed, the more I gained, and by the time my baby was a year old, I was looking like a pregnant woman again.


I learnt that the implication was beyond the discomfort it gives when Peter returned from Europe 2 years later and canceled our marriage arrangement on the grounds that he would not cope with a woman with that magnitude of tummy.



Like play like play, Peter said “goodbye” to me – a very sad goodbye.


After months of weeping, I still revived the hope that it was not over for me. I just needed a solution to return my body to what it used to be.

So, I started…


Searching for solution…


This was when I intensified my exercise routine but that yielded no result for me.


I drank different kinds of herbs, recommended by various weight loss experts… trying to shed this embarrassingly fat tummy but none helped one bit.

There was nothing I did not try in this dire period of my life.


There was a particular herb I bought from Ogun state via a recommendation that almost threw me out of this world.


They said it burns fat and reforms the body in 7 days.


I bought and swallowed more than 10 liters of that yamayama black mixture.


Guess what!


It neither burned the fat nor reformed the body.


All it gave me was constipation and serious bloating sensation.


For 3 days, I couldn’t empty my bowel, which directly added to the size of the tummy.


That was how I dabbled from one snake oil solution to the other…


The only things I didn’t try were the ones I didn’t hear of.


At a point, I lost TOTALLY hope.


Then came the simple solution that finally did it for me…


My sister went for a movie audition in Enugu and heard some people talking about this particular meal replacement shakes that works wonders and has helped many actors to be in shape. She collected the number of the distributor and we both called her together at home.


She told us how it has helped so many people but we didn’t really believe her because that’s what all of them say. We casually bought is and used it to replace our breakfast and dinner, my people, the miracle happened!! People thought I have done surgery to remove the fibroid because the changes were fast and so clear.


The way and manner it happened still appear miraculous.


The more I think of my experience, my frustration and how God finally wiped away my tears, the more I think of the people out there – men and women, currently and helplessly going through the same ordeal.


So, I decided to do something in my little way to help. (I told the distributor that sold to I and my sister that I will continue sharing their testimony till they get tired of selling, and I was very serious. I am ready to follow them to seminars and share with my mouth)


I started an exclusive FREE newsletter to reach out, educate and connect with as many people as possible to the same solution.


At least, that would be my own little way of thanking God for bringing me a solution.


So, if you need something that really works perfectly for flat tummy and general weight loss … without side effects;


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